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Advanced SEO Tools Integration

Provide tools to optimize product listings and content for search engines.

Automated Tax Calculations

Simplify tax management with automatic tax calculations based on location.

Comprehensive Analytics Dashboard

Offer detailed insights into store performance and customer behavior.

Secure Payment Gateways

Integrate various secure payment options for hassle-free transactions.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Ensure all stores are optimized for mobile device accessibility.

Order Tracking System

Allow customers to track their orders in real-time with status updates.

Discount and Coupon Management

Facilitate the creation and management of discounts and promotional codes.

Custom Domain Integration

Support the use of custom domains regardless of TLD extension.

Multi-Language Support

Provide options for stores to operate in multiple languages.

Flexible Shipping Options

Offer various shipping methods and real-time shipping rates.

Customer Profiles Management

Store and manage customer information to enhance personalized service.

Multi-Device Compatibility

Ensure the POS system works seamlessly on tablets, smartphones, and desktops.

Receipt Customization

Allow customization of receipts with branding, promotions, and contact information.

Employee Access Control

Manage employee permissions to control access to various Admin panel / POS functions.

Quick Product Lookup

Enable fast search and lookup for products using keywords or categories.


Real-Time Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your store's performance with real-time analytics. Track key metrics such as sales, traffic sources, and conversion rates to make data-driven decisions and optimize your strategy.


AI-Powered Product Recommendations

Utilize AI to suggest products to customers based on their browsing history and preferences.

Automated Order Fulfillment

Streamline order processing with automated fulfillment solutions.

Product Bundle Promotions

Create and manage product bundles to encourage larger purchases.

Interactive Sales Analytics

Visualize sales trends and performance through interactive charts and graphs.

General Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about and our e-commerce platform. From account setup to payment processing, discover everything you need to know to get started and succeed on our platform

A: Creating your online store on GoalGPT.PK is quick and easy! Simply sign up for an account, choose a plan that suits your needs, and follow our guided setup process to customize your store with products, images, and descriptions.

A: Absolutely! enables you to reach customers worldwide. With our global shipping options and support for multiple currencies, you can expand your business beyond borders and tap into new markets effortlessly.

A: We offer transparent pricing with no hidden fees or commissions. You'll only pay a fixed monthly subscription fee based on your chosen plan. There are no additional charges for transactions or sales, allowing you to maximize your profits and grow your business with confidence.

A: We offer a variety of payment options to cater to the diverse needs of our customers. From credit/debit card payments to bank transfers and cash on delivery (COD), we ensure a seamless checkout experience for all shoppers.

A: We're committed to providing exceptional support to our sellers. Our dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter. Whether you need help with technical issues, order fulfillment, or marketing strategies, we're here to help you succeed.

A: Customizing your store's design and layout is easy with our intuitive tools. From choosing themes and color schemes to adding custom banners and logos, you can personalize every aspect of your storefront to reflect your brand identity and captivate your audience.

From our Clients

At GoalGPT.PK, we take pride in delivering exceptional e-commerce solutions and empowering Pakistani entrepreneurs to succeed in the digital marketplace. But don't just take our word for it—see what our valued customers have to say about their experiences with our platform. revolutionized the way I do business! With their seamless platform and global reach, I've expanded my customer base like never before. Highly recommended for any Pakistani entrepreneur looking to take their business to new heights.

Amina Khan CEO of Amina's Fashion Boutique

I couldn't be happier with my experience on Their intuitive dashboard and robust analytics tools have helped me track sales and optimize my store for success. Plus, their dedicated customer support team is always there to lend a helping hand. Thank you for making e-commerce easy!

Ali Hassan Founder of

As a small business owner in Pakistan, finding the right e-commerce platform was crucial. exceeded my expectations with its user-friendly interface and extensive payment options. Thanks to them, I've been able to reach customers worldwide and grow my brand exponentially.

Sarah Ahmed CEO of Sarah's Handcrafted Jewelry

I've tried other e-commerce platforms, but none compare to Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction set them apart. From customizable storefronts to reliable payment processing, they've thought of everything to help businesses succeed. I'm proud to be a part of the community!

Fatima Khan Fatima's Home Decor Emporium